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Hotel Bookings

Our pool of over 1 million hotels, offer the same unforgettable experiences – everywhere and every time!

Whatever the reason - to celebrate an intimate moment of your life, to treat yourself and your family to the holiday of a lifetime, to satiate the swashbuckling explorer in you, or to suit your business travel needs, we will help you to find the perfect destination, location, and accommodation, to celebrate, relax, recharge, explore or to stay focused on your business.

Ground Transportation

WeStay covers 300-400 destinations globally. We provide pre-arranged transportation for travelers between the airport and their final destination. Also, we ensure you get the highest quality, safest, most reliable, and readily available airport transfer.


Your convenience is our priority. WeStay values our client’s time, well being, safety, and experiences. We take care of it all! Just spread your wings and travel the world.

Flight Service

WeStay offers you the convenience of booking domestic and international flight tickets and securing the best value deals that fit your plans. Even if you are an eleventh-minute traveller, you can still find the best deals at WeStay. From reaching your destination to returning home, we will ensure your travel experience is easy and smooth.


A cruise is not a mere voyage. Cruising - riding the high seas, sailing the oceans, or meandering the rushing rivers of the world, is an experience of a lifetime. It takes you to breathtaking places around the globe.

Our cruise line partners offer stylish and luxurious accommodations, a wide range of world-class cuisine, exotic spa treatments, a plethora of shore excursions, and onboard activities and amusement options for families, food enthusiasts, and action and culture seekers.

Our services don’t end with booking a cruise but extend to ensure that you choose the right one – small, mega, luxury, adventure, or an ocean cruise ship that fits your plan and offers exceptional service and outstanding travel experiences.


Our destinations have a lot to offer, from tranquil to great adventure. You could choose from our 300,000-plus specially curated sightseeing tours to enhance your holiday experience.

You may decide to explore your destination on foot, on a comfortable mini-coach, on a bike, or by simply rising above the hustle and bustle on an unforgettable helicopter ride that offers the best views while you soar over iconic sights.

No matter which destination, all the iconic tourist attractions have been included in our tours. Our experienced tour guides will enlighten you with up-to-date information and local folklore.

We promise to leave you feeling that you’ve thoroughly explored your travel destination.